K. HARRISON - Performer, Singer, Songwriter and Producer

Dayton, Ohio native Keith Harrison is an artist whose credits include performing, writing, and producing. It was during Keith's tenure with the Dazz Band that the group received its Grammy Award for the song “Let It Whip”.

Keith helped form the group that would be known as the Dayton funk band Faze-O. The group recorded the hit "Riding High."

The lifelong Miami Valley resident performed with renowned acts like Morris Day and the Time and Dayton funk godfathers the Ohio Players, among others. He was a member of the Dayton funk band Heatwave and the Cleveland-based group the Dazz Band, for which he penned the hit "Let It All Blow."

Keith is a recipient of many prestigious awards including the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Grammy Award, The Ohio Valley Gospel of Excellence Music Award, The Ohio Valley Legends In Music Award, Peoples Key to The City Award, and was inducted into the Dayton Region’s Walk of Fame and the R&B Music Hall of Fame as a member of the Dazz Band.

Some of Keith’s featured performances are, Soul Train, and Oprah Winfrey.

It's not just a wealth of musical styles or his smooth and expressive voice that have made Keith such a fine artist. His songs, which range from jazz to soulful to funk grooves, show that he knows his way around the music culture - to craft his distinct and highly versatile sound.

Born of deep faith, funk and experience, Harrison's new CD answers the urgent need for a soundscape capable of shaking up the routinized predictability of today's musical order.